Experienced and passionate teachers bring our educational philosophy to life, by instilling creativity, critical thinking and a joy of learning in each of our students.

Teachers at Addlestone Hebrew Academy know their students. They are committed to a personalized approach to teaching and ensuring that each child receives a differentiated educational experience. They are talented, caring, creative professionals; and what they do is better described as a “calling” rather than a job.

All faculty and staff have an email address using the following structure:  firstname.lastname@addlestone.org.


Ms. Abby Levine, Principal
Ms. Ariela Davis, Director of Judaic Studies
Ms. Julie Murden, Early Childhood Coordinator
Ms. Nancy Peeples, General Studies Coordinator

Office Staff

Ms. Jessica Belger, Director of Outreach and Office Manager
Ms. Jessica Bennett, Business and Facilities Manager
Ms. Libby Fox, Communications and Special Programs Coordinator

Early Childhood Faculty

Ms. Julie Murden, Early Childhood Coordinator
Ms. Shelley Coleman
Ms. Darlinda Cox
Ms. Susanne Dahmes
Morah Alli Debrow
Ms. Alicia McNeil
Moreh Shlomi Netanel
Ms. Josephine Routh
Ms. Ann Ryba
Ms. Francie Segal
Ms. Robyne Steinert

Lower School Faculty

Ms. Nancy Peeples, General Studies Coordinator
Morah Tsivia Browdy

Ms. Margaret Cheatham
Morah Alli Debrow
Ms. Jennifer Eisenhart
Morah Meira Hirsch
Mr. Clifton McCallum
Morah Riki Netanel
Moreh Shlomi Netanel
Ms. Abigail Shipman
Ms. Sara White

Middle School Faculty

Ms. Ariela Davis, Judaic Studies Director
Ms. Nancy Peeples,
 General Studies Coordinator
Ms. Fiorella Brittingham
Ms. Dana Brown
Rabbi Michael Davies
Rabbi Moshe Davis
Moreh Shimon Hirsch
Ms. Ryann Lyden
Mr. Clifton McCallum
Morah Riki Netanel
Moreh Sholomi Netanel
Rabbi Adam Rosenbaum

Special Areas

Ms. Fiorella Brittingham 
Ms. Amy Goldkin
Ms. Candace Vanderstelt

Student Support

Ms. Ellen Colehower

Lunch Program

Ms. Anita Blue, Cafeteria Coordinator
Ms. Iva Green
Ms. Paula Marion