Addlestone Hebrew Academy is a community of leaders and thinkers. Our day school provides an engaging and challenging education in General and Judaic Studies. Students achieve standards of excellence in a nurturing environment that embodies the richness of Jewish life.

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Addlestone Hebrew Academy is an independent community Jewish day school. As such, we are unaffiliated with any one movement of Judaism. We believe that a multi-disciplinary education helps students make connections between the classroom and the world around them, making learning a more engaging, fascinating and challenging experience. Our expert educational leadership team designed our program to integrate general and Judaic learning throughout the day.

Our experienced and passionate teachers bring our educational philosophy to life, instilling creativity, critical-thinking and a joy of learning in each of our students. With the benefits of an excellent student to faculty ratio and a dynamic, differentiated learning environment, our students master the knowledge essential to continue on to the finest secondary schools, as well as to think critically and in a broader scope.

Addlestone Hebrew Academy provides an excellent foundation for a lifetime of academic success and social responsibility, while fostering a deep love and connection to our common Jewish identity and Israel through history and culture, prayer and text, and Hebrew as a modern, living language.