Leadership for students

Beginning with the youngest children, we teach leadership.  Young students learn leadership first with themselves, understanding how to take responsibility for their own actions. Our Early Childhood students learn to walk carefully in line, clean up after activities and to share and play well with others.

As students develop, they expand their sense of responsibility to include the groups to which they belong, such as their families, their classes and their school. They begin to learn to take the responsibility to include and help others. Our kindergarten conducts a food drive for the Lowcountry Food Bank each year. They watch the truck being loaded and see how much food they have given and how much is needed. Even as we help others in the larger community, a goal is to work to make each person in their class feel included and successful.

As students mature into Middle School, they include the larger community in their circle of responsibility.  They learn how it is their duty and privilege to help others in their near and global neighborhoods through service learning and other support.  Like adults, student leaders ask questions, listen to others speak, and work together with others. This year, our students are encouraging their family and neighbors to learn about candidates and care enough to vote in our elections. The Student Council works with advisor Ms. Nancy Peeples, to select a Tzedakah project for the year and help learn about worthwhile local projects.  Our service learning projects have included HALOS (foster children), the Lowcountry Food Bank and the JCC Kosher Food Pantry. This year, Addlestone will work with our service men and women and veterans developing an understanding of their needs as well as their family’s and offering our gratitude and support.

Tikkun Olam is a goal for us, helping to repair the world. Following Jewish traditions and values, like adults, student leaders ask questions and listen and learn to work with others who may not share the same views or backgrounds. They learn to take active roles in student government, do real work to help the community and to have as a goal, the wish to be responsible and caring citizens.