ShofarThe Addlestone Hebrew Academy, unaffiliated with any single movement or synagogue, partners with the entire Charleston Jewish community. We see as essential the creation of a community with families from across the Jewish spectrum. We regard the texts of the Jewish tradition and the history of the Jewish people as fundamental resources for developing ideas, beliefs, and values to shape and inspire our students and families.

o   We are committed to fostering a love of learning and to build an understanding that the discovery of personal meaning and the growth of the individual can emerge from study and immersion into our program.Lighting Candles

o   We seek to create an ethical learning community that embraces all in our community:  students, staff, parents and all those who join in the work of the school valuing both the uniqueness of each individual and the relationships each person forms with another.

o   We are dedicated to cultivating the spiritual lives of our students and nurturing their commitment to Jewish values, learning skills that provide an entrance to full participation in Jewish life.

o   We are committed to building bridges among the wide range of Jewish backgrounds, practices and beliefs within our community and reaching out to Jewish communities beyond our classroom.

o   We are dedicated to instilling in our students a lasting bond with the language, culture, land and people of Israel.

o   We are committed to inspiring students to become responsible, active, compassionate participants and leaders in their Jewish communities and the world.