The admissions process involves four steps: application, intake/assessment, pre-enrollment, and acceptance. To begin the admissions process, please contact Julie Murden at (843) 571-1105 or to schedule a tour and/or classroom visit.


To reserve a space for your child Addlestone requires:

  • Application packet
  • Registration form
  • $150 (non-refundable) application fee


In order to learn more about your family and your child Addlestone requires:

  • Intake conference for all EC students with EC Coordinator
  • Scheduled assessment for Hebrew language and General Studies for K – 8th Grade students
  • Transcripts from past schools for K – 8th Grade students
  • Consultation with Addlestone Business Office for Tuition Agreement


Our governing agencies (DSS, DHEC, and NAEYC) require the following:

  • Medical forms including SC immunization (provided by physician’s office) and physical form (with physician’s signature)
  • DSS required forms
  • Tuition contract
  • Addlestone administrative forms


Upon completion of all required documents you will receive:

  • Letter of acceptance
  • Start date for your child to begin attending school

If you have any questions at any time during the admissions process, please contact Julie Murden at (843) 571-1105 or


AHA, as an educational institution, is open to all families regardless of their race, national origin, gender or religious affiliation.  Our central concern is excellence in education in an open, non-judgmental and caring environment.