Find and Fix Missing Math Skills

  • Identify missing math skills
  • Remediate with targeted lessons
  • Built from the ground up on CCSS
  • Monitor progress aligned to standards

Math That Works

  • Moby Math finds and fixes missing math skills that are essential for math comprehension. Students working at least 40 hours in Moby Math show a 1.4 grade level increase on average. Moby Math is a comprehensive math curriculum for kindergarten to 8th grade.

The Find-Learn-Practice-Review Cycle

  • The primary reason that Moby Math is so effective is because students do not waste time practicing material they have already mastered. Instead, Moby targets areas where students are struggling and allows students to progress immediately once mastery is achieved. In addition, the review cycle ensures that students retain concepts for a lifetime.

Continuous Progress Monitoring

  • Moby Math finds missing math skills with a quick, efficient placement test. Perhaps just as important, Moby Math continually updates each student’s progress during practice and review to give you a current view of your students’ progress.

Teach Me, Feedback and Read Aloud

  • The Learn Cycle has been made more efficient by breaking math concepts into small, achievable skills and creating practice sets that consist of a short animated Teach Me with targeted practice problems. All problems have instant feedback and all parts of the problem have a read-aloud icon so that students can listen as well as read.

IEP reporting

  • IEP goals based on the common core standards can be set in minutes. Moreover, attainment of goals is automatically recorded as the student progresses and achieves each goal.