Many voices are heard in the vision of our educational program.  As an educational community, we are committed to emotional and intellectual freedom in our classrooms, through asking questions and evaluating answers. In both General and Judaic Studies, we teach mastering skills that form a coherent understanding for our students of their place in the world, and a search for solutions to problems through dialoguing with peers and teachers.

As a Community Day School, we are committed to celebrating the diversity in the Jewish world, as well as the ideal of an active citizenship in the American democratic tradition. Our students are immersed in Jewish culture, values and traditions, building strong connections to their Jewish identity through Jewish history and tradition and the land and the people of Israel.

Learning should and does reflect the developmental levels of our students.  Students are guided by teachers to learn through discovery.  We want students to make meaningful connections to what they learn, to learn to articulate opinions and evaluations and to collaborate with their peers in problem solving, sometimes leading and sometimes being led.  Leadership is part of our curriculum and we continue to focus on these vital skills for all our students:  skills of responsibility for self, group, and the larger world in which they live.